Oliver Twisted is more than just a budding hip hop star. He’s a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and inhabits the title song of his pending collection Wrath of a Winner with a singular presence quite unlike anyone else working in that style today. The single “Wrath of a Winner” mixes his obvious stylistic command of hip hop with solid songwriting reaching far beyond the borders of rap. The synthesis of these seemingly disparate elements seamlessly unites the song into an impressive whole and Twisted emerges from the single is more than a mere curiosity; instead, “Wrath of a Winner” positions him as one of the most promising musical artists to adopt this style in recent memory. It’s a mesmerizing title song that doesn’t overstay its welcome and will resonate with a wide cross-section of listeners.

The four minute running time may seem a little excessive to some, but it never feels like a four minute track. Instead, Oliver Twisted’s nuanced arrangement casts a spell over listeners from the first and brings you into its imaginative world without any stretching for meaning and significance. The utter genuineness of his songwriting will catch your attention; Twisted never strikes a single false note during the song and the track impresses me as a wholehearted expression of his internal life and as yet unrealized dreams.

He clearly aims high. If you can’t hear his obvious ambition in the musical arrangement and sound of the song, the references he makes during the lyrics will convince you that Twisted wants nothing less than to have a transformative effect on his listeners. “Wrath of a Winner” achieves that thanks to its words and musical arrangement alike – the blending of traditional musical strengths like piano, drums, and a light amount of guitar peering through the mix. The piano, in particular, is the musical hinge upon which everything swings and provides an excellent counterpoint for Twisted’s voice.

The production doesn’t reflect his indie status in anyway. Modern technology has enabled independent artists like Twisted to produce recordings every bit as polished and professional as anything we’d hear from a major label act. Oliver Twisted’s “Wrath of a Winner” has a sound that connects with listeners just as strongly as the singing and lyrical content – furthermore, if it’s any indication of the same quality present throughout the album’s other songs, it’s clearly a harbinger that Wrath of a Winner will rank as one of the most interesting hip hop labeled albums released in recent memory.

There’s nothing Oliver Twisted can’t do. He’s a musician, songwriter, vocalist, producer, and even an actor. His personality and the full breadth of his personal experiences comes through during every second of this song, both lyrically and musically, and we finish even our first listen to “Wrath of a Winner” convinced he is the latest powerhouse in the making in a scene desperate for someone with such transcendent talent. It’s a track well worth seeking out even for those who normally wouldn’t pay attention to hip hop music.


Sebastian Cole

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