A drum beat feverishly comes stomping out of an abyss of muddy grit, falling in cadence with our hearts as it meets a reverberating, guitar-driven melody that will magnify the beauty of their arrangement together. The electric guitar howls like a wolf at the moon, painfully crying out for someone to hear its desperate pleas. A comforting vocal is introduced, and all at once we’re entrenched in a patriotic verse that makes us feel inspired and proud to be American. In “We Are America,” the new single by medical/musical hybrid The Fever Breakers, listeners aren’t pacified with tired old analogies about greatness or metaphors that relate America to being some sort of vicious beast that can and will destroy anything that challenges its power. Instead we’re treated to a lyrical slideshow that takes us from one corner of the country to the next to observe our nation for what it really is: an amalgamation of many races and backgrounds brought together under one flag. The music is as deeply emotional as the words are and serves as the framework for a story that’s as old as the constitution itself; fusing diverse sounds rooted in western pop, rock and vocal standards, The Fever Breakers attempt to awaken a form of patriotism that goes beyond pedestrian, irrelevant terms like “Republican” and “Democrat.”


Lyrically, “We Are America” is fit with an illustrative prose that instantly evokes images of apple pies, blue collar work ethic and a uniquely American determination to celebrate our freedom. This track sports a very intriguing mix; rather than placing all of the emphasis on these alluring vocals, the piano receives a lot of accentuation, making it much more commanding of our emotions than the actual singing of the verses is. The words become so much more meaningful when soundtracked by this eminent composition, which reminds me a lot of adult contemporary and late 80s pop music, which in and of itself was indulgent but somehow managed to be richly textured at the same time. The Fever Breakers will most likely attract a lot of attention because of their spirited, fearless lyricism, but there’s just as much to be said about their capabilities as maestros of melody.

If the harmonies that we’re treated to in “We Are America” could transcend their medium and somehow spill over into our society, there’s no debating that America would be a lot more peaceful a place to live than it is right now. The marriage of the vocals and the masterfully produced piano would have been enough for me to fall in love with this single, but theirs is only one of numerous fever pitch moments that we discover in the lush four and a half minutes of play this song presents us with. The Fever Breakers aren’t a household name; in fact, they’re just now starting their ascent from the depths of obscurity. Regardless of their present fame, as long as they continue to make music that is as motivating, musically on-point and focused as what they have in “We Are America,” I have a feeling that there’s a good chance this won’t be the only amazing song they release before the next election.


Sebastian Cole