Industrial grooves fused with a molten hot bass make up the framework of Lana Blac’s “Suck You In,” the latest and possibly most jarring single by the young singer to date. Cut from her new album Nocturnal, “Suck You In” flirts with more of a Candlemass-style doom than the other tracks that the LP has to offer do, but contains just enough of a thrashing beat to make it more geared towards mainstream metal fans. We start off with a blistering war drum that ushers us into Blac’s vicious vocals, which claw their way into center stage through an otherwise iron clad ocean of distortion. The tempo modulates ever so slightly in the chorus; out of the ethers a monolithic bassline emerges, pushing and shoving us into the clutches of a synthesizer that is shredding through the tonality of the guitar with impunity. There’s a lot of little details just beneath the surface of this cosmetic violence taking place in the melody, and if one were to listen closely enough they would discover just how cerebrally constructed this song really is.


Lana Blac’s vocal attack in this single contrasts heavily with the synthesized organ and gargantuan riffing in the background, but I wouldn’t call it a surreal juxtaposition. It’s almost as if the players are going at each other with sonic knives and rocks, hurling chunks of anti-harmonies in every direction in hopes of perhaps striking down something in the commotion. This isn’t to say that the production level is somehow amateurish or muddled; in fact, this mix boasts a physicality that is rarely present outside of progressive metal releases from bands like Opeth or Mastodon. Fundamentally speaking, Blac isn’t sticking to the alternative script by scooping the EQ of everything but the bass guitar. She’s actually adhering to the post-punk standard, which in my opinion adds a texture to this song that is simply spellbinding when played at higher volumes. Her industrial influences are proudly worn on this single’s sleeve, but to call this anything other than an original slab of heavy metal thunder conceived purely within the realm of Blac’s artistic identity just wouldn’t be true.


As intense as “Suck You In” gets (especially in the second chorus) there isn’t a second in which Blac’s singing ever drifts from the center of our attentions. Her voice is so refined, poignant and elegantly woven into the potent punches being delivered by her band, and despite the muscularity of the music her performance never blends into the breakdowns. I don’t think she’s reached her full potential yet, which really says a lot when you consider how spot-on this song is for today’s discerning heavy metal aficionados. Sleek enough for casual fans and tightly packaged enough for more ardent listeners, “Suck You In” does something that very few singles in its genre are able to do; it captures the persona of the artist behind its creation without overindulging in said musician’s most glamorous attributes. This is a pivotal release for Lana Blac, and with any luck will be only one of many stunning singles she’ll release in the months and years that lie ahead of her.

Sebastian Cole

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