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Over the last few years, pop music from one corner of the globe to the next has started to adopt a much more surreal tone that has stirred the attention of critics and stoked interest in a revitalized postmodern movement. “Beatrice,” a new track by DJs Wlady & T.N.Y. that features singer Iossa dropping lyrical bombs right on top of the blistering beats, is in many ways a product of surrealism’s influence over contemporary electronica, as it psychedelically washes over listeners with a reckless abandon that is rooted in a shapeless, ambient stylization. Driven by an intimate vocal performance by Iossa and bursting at the seams with melodies the size of skyscrapers, this single is one club track that deserves airplay beyond the confines of your local dancehall.

“Beatrice” is indeed as angular and riddled with effervescence as a shoegaze song, but it avoids the hazardous drawbacks of overindulgence by keeping its biting lyrics at the forefront of the mix. Iossa is the face of this single from both a cosmetic and a compositional standpoint, and though Wlady & T.N.Y. give him a run for his money with the dangerously volatile grooves that they dispatch with impunity, there’s never any question as to who the real star of the show is. Unlike a lot of EDM, I can see this song having success with pop and experimental music fans just as much as it will club promoters and electronica buffs. The sound is thick and packed with volume, but it isn’t clumsy in its broad-shouldered execution.

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Everything in this song is built upon the bassline, which is as sprawling and mammoth as a mountain range. The texture of the bass itself is easily one of the best-defined elements in the single, echoing each fragile lyric with a swagger that stylistically conflicts with Iossa’s poetry but ultimately makes “Beatrice” the diversely appointed masterclass in crossover EDM that it is. The catharsis is spread out across the whole track rather than being concentrated in one particular stretch of melodies, and by doing this the whole song feels like one big, giant fever pitch instead of just another filler-clad single boasting but one truly magnetizing climax. If this isn’t the definition of surrealism in modern music, then I’m honestly not quite sure what is.

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An amazing single that isn’t afraid to wear its eccentric identity on its sleeve, I highly recommend “Beatrice” to fans of EDM and experimental electronica who want to expand their palates with a futuristic blend of aesthetics and creative approaches. Wlady & T.N.Y. shine like the stars they are in this track, and with Iossa in charge of the microphone, all of the planets are in perfect alignment to make this song one of the breakout releases of 2019. For American audiences who have somehow gone without discovering any of these three artists’ individual bodies of work, this is a fantastic introduction to the sound of their burgeoning scene, which any critic (including myself) will tell you is becoming a force to be reckoned with as we near the next chapter in the history of electronic music.

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Sebastian Cole