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If you’ve been looking for an organic country sound with all the sensibilities of streamlined contemporary pop music, look no further than “Dozen Roses,” the exciting new single from rising star Rachel Reese. The young country singer cuts loose in her latest song, which rides high on a stellar riff that is almost certain to get stuck in your head after an initial listen. Reese arrives hot on the Nashville circuit with a strong head on her shoulders, a knack for cultivating rich, earnest poetry and a depth of artistry to assist her in creating the perfect musical backdrop to bring her words to life. “Dozen Roses” is a simple enough tune that relies a lot more on its bold tonality and textured physicality than it does artificial polish and urban plasticity to make a statement, and it couldn’t be hitting the airwaves at a more fitting time. In an era suffocated by the electronic drone of software-styled pop and country music, Rachel Reese fiercely brings a splash of honest, old school Americana back to the forefront of culture.

Reese’s lyrical content in “Dozen Roses” is homegrown and feels authentic from the jump. There aren’t a lot of tired analogies, mind-numbing metaphors or silly innuendo to make us guess what she might have been feeling or thinking at the time she was penning the song; there’s only a blunt realism that stands as the antithesis of the passive postmodernity of today. For artists like Reese, it isn’t enough to merely draw from life’s journey when crafting an original listening experience; it’s about taking us there, putting us in her shoes and allowing for us to feel all of these impossibly inexpressive emotions that weighed so heavily on her mind. To accomplish this, she uses every weapon at her disposal; be it glistening lap steel and baritone guitars, a grinding B3 organ, or her most powerful dagger – her seductive voice, which relentlessly beckons us closer in “Dozen Roses.” Rachel Reese has a lot of time left to grow into her sound completely, but make no mistake, this is a songwriter who is multidimensional and seemingly quite proud of her natural identity as a creative.

Pristinely fusing the best of two styles together in a single tour de force, “Dozen Roses” does everything that we want a new song from a sparking young flame to do. It introduces us to an artist that has a staggering amount of potential both as a performer and as a session player, it allows us to see how deep she can go melodically and compositionally, and it gives more than one reliable indicator as to what sort of sound we could anticipate hearing out of her camp next. There’s no need for debate; Reese is a sublimely gifted vocalist who has everything going for her at the moment, and if a single like “Dozen Roses” is able to find her core audience, my gut tells me that her ascent through the hierarchy of mainstream country music will be inevitable, and possibly unstoppable, once it gets started.

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Sebastian Cole