Countrified singer/songwriter MoeDeLL has got a bluesy grit in his guitar that just won’t go away in the new single “Porch,” but it isn’t the only gem of sonic wonderment that the track has in store for listeners this spring. A rollicking beat drives an infectious groove as we descend upon the chorus, an easygoing vibe cushions the lyrics with a homespun energy that instantly captures our hearts, and by the time the song reaches its conclusion, it’s hard to believe that MoeDeLL hasn’t been riding atop the Nashville establishment since the very inception of his career. He delivers one of his best performances ever in this single, and that’s definitely no small statement to make.

The mix that brings “Porch” to life is pretty muscular, but it doesn’t have to force these humongous harmonies on us. In actuality, the rhythm and the melody itself are beefy in their own right, and even if they weren’t treated with this urbane soundboard work, my gut tells me that they would be just as gripping (though perhaps not as well-defined in the big picture). MoeDeLL has never sold us short on rich tonality, and in that respect, this latest release is no different from his past work.

MoeDeLL utilizes a much more conservative style of attack lyrically in this song in comparison to what I’ve heard out of him previously, but it isn’t a jarring change of pace for the critically acclaimed singer and songwriter. He’s careful not to steal any of the spotlight from his bandmates in this track, both in the master mix and the compositional arrangement itself. The finished product comes out even and really well-balanced, even for a song with some fairly obvious pop hooks tucked inside its rigid textures and understated, but nevertheless white hot, overdriven leads.

“Porch” is structured like a conventional country song, but it has a solid, rocking groove that puts up a hell of a fight in the chorus and, in my opinion, gives the track its uniquely gruff but accessible identity. You could say that it in many ways amounts to a smooth hybridity that would likely satisfy fans of both rock and country music, and you would be somewhat right, but I don’t think that this was MoeDeLL’s motivation in the least. “Porch” sounds and feels too organic, too real and emotionally honest, for that notion to be anywhere close to the truth.

This single makes for a fine addition to MoeDeLL’s incredible, soul-stirring discography, and to be quite frank, I think that it actually touches on new territory for the indie country phenom both stylistically and aesthetically. No one is making the kind of Americana that he is right now, and in a time for country music that has been anything but commercially viable, his rebellious attitude and individuality as a songwriter are looking particularly attractive next to his more predictable peers. As always, I’m very pleased with what he’s turned in from his latest trip to the studio, and with any luck, it won’t be the only gilded hit he cuts before the year is over.


Sebastian Cole