Para Lia – Soap Bubble Dreams, is a full-length new record from a band like no other around, but much like those of the past who helped make music what it is today. Led by René Methner on lead vocals and all instruments and accompanied by Cindy Methner on vocals for an interesting and eclectic group for a much-needed change of alternative-rock pace. The indie sound is intentional and very well produced to come up with such an original, yet ultimately familiarized sound that you don’t hear enough trying to even accomplish anymore. It gives the boot to stale classic rock and brings back the edges from which it came.


It starts off traditionally and stays that way by getting the title track out of the way and expounding on their ideas as they play one by one without skipping a beat. “Soap Bubble Dreams” is full of killer guitar and compelling vocals with a haunting ambience about it that sets you up for a ride worth taking over and over. “Wait” does almost exactly the-same with a completely different arrangement altogether as they play so well in unison that it’s almost too much to take in one listen. Talk about awesome, this is beyond musically spiritual, so it must be heard by the global masses.

The songs seem to just get better and better as they go, with another awe-inspiring track on “The Man Who Went Away,” and it sounds like it won’t go away either, as the track rivals most anything surrounding it on the album. The influence of folk and western inspired culture is what makes this track an interesting and enormously satisfying thing to hear. I am reminded of John Aston of the Psychedelic Furs, and the voice of singers like Peter Murphy and others in this terrific song.  And “Leaves Of Grey” contains some great lyrics and effects to keep it interesting with talk of politics and general downers which get buried by an outstanding guitar solo for a desirable contrast.

“Romancero” picks things up a bit and changes the mood for its duration into what is also another cool tune on “Over It” which play together like chalk and cheese but that is a good thing for both points on the album and it’s a jubilant combination of music at the end of the day. You just can’t turn away at this point when everything goes sky high on “Beautiful Delay” with its hypnotic majesty almost stealing the whole show with its out of bounds energy. The vocals of both genders never sound better than they do on this over the top gem.

“Higher And Away” also has something for the pop lovers to sink their ears into on one of the more straight forward tracks of the bunch. The lyrics really do own this one, setting the next track up for more of the same vibes for “On My Way Home” with more of a club-rock sound. And it all finishes off with the holy blues of “Who Gets Fooled Again” to bring the album to an end, which is an album that has something for everyone who loves rock music and other sub-genre forms of it.


Sebastian Cole