A formidable synth melody staggers its way into view against a backdrop of darkness in the first few moments that greet us in “Endless,” the new single from Still G & Slapy. It doesn’t take long for these talented Italian rappers, who are represented by the elite THOMAS Music & Arts’ Genialsong Group, to find the beat in this enticing cocktail of modern R&B, classic West Coast hip-hop and funky club rhythm, and by the 0:21 mark in the song, they’re laying an infectious hook on us that isn’t steeped in the artificiality of a commercialized American mainstream sound. Their vocals draw us closer to the gargantuan groove that they straddle so expertly in this three and a half minute Euro-rap juggernaut, and if you weren’t feeling like dancing in the summer sun before giving this track a listen, I’m fairly certain that you’re going to be shaking your hips by the time it reaches its conclusion. “Endless” is a superb single from a pair of unparalleled up and comers in this genre, and in the wake of its airplay across hundreds of radio stations this season (while breaking the Top 10 on the Euro Indie Music Chart, I might add), critics have started to describe them as one of the most important indie rap duos to watch this year.

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Whether you speak Italian or not is completely insignificant to your enjoyment of Still G & Slapy’s “Endless,” because not only does the sexy beat make this an easy song to swing to no matter what your native tongue is, we’re actually able to feel the emotion in both of these performers from the moment that they start to rap. They’ve got fluid styles of attack that match up together perfectly for a composition of this nature, and while there’s a good chance that “Endless” was designed with radio exposure in mind, it never comes across as halfhearted or disingenuous in its narrative at all. Both musically and lyrically, this is a track that gets its point across without any extra fluff, which isn’t something that can be said for the bulk of new singles I’ve been checking out this July.

The summer just got a little more interesting with the release of this powerhouse new single, which is catching fire across the world and bringing a lot of love to these two skilled urban poets. The Italian hip-hop scene has really been coming into its own in 2019, but I don’t believe that I’ve heard another duo – or soloist, for that matter – that boasts the kind of creative moxie and individualistic persona that Still G & Slapy do in this song. They don’t sound amateurish or even slightly unaware of how huge an opportunity they’ve been granted in today’s cutthroat rap game here; actually, if you ask me, I think that they sound like a couple of old pros who know exactly what they want to make and, more importantly, how they want to make it. These two have got a big future ahead of them, and that’s made pretty clear to us in the appropriately-titled “Endless.”

Sebastian Cole

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