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With a swaggering swing, an effervescent melody comes creeping out of the darkness as we find ourselves at the onset of “Love & Disaster,” the latest single from Jasmine Bleile’s solo vehicle, and though the pulsating percussion sounds a little suffocated by the heavy bass tones in the foreground, there’s nothing strong enough to prevent the cadence of its strut from inspiring listeners to sway with this beat. Bleile starts to serenade us with her sharp, blue-eyed soul voice; there’s an ache in her vocal that makes her words seem as though they’re marred in melancholy, and yet she exudes a confidence in her execution that contrasts with the tone of the lyrics significantly. “Love & Disaster” is a multilayered offering from Satellītes, and despite its complex structure, I would still recommend it as a solid spin for indie fans of all backgrounds this season.

The music video for “Love & Disaster” is extremely uncomplicated, centering solely on Bleile and the song itself, but its lack of frills doesn’t take anything away from the quality of this single at all; in fact, I would argue that it makes it easier for us to focus on the content over the cosmetics (which is a bit of a theme that I’ve picked up on with Satellītes). There’s a lot to take apart in this track’s instrumentation, from the crisp vocal to the ultra-clean stylization of the bassline, and if the video would have been a little more mainstream in embracing bravado rather than getting back to basics, I don’t know that it would be as interesting of a product as I found it to be.

It’s a thoroughly gripping cocktail that probably won’t impress everyone, but for those of us who appreciate a good batch of old fashioned, R&B-inspired beats and wavy melodic vocals to match, Satellītes’ “Love & Disaster” is a killer summer single that listeners should definitely take the time to check out. Jasmine Bleile is taking her career in a very different direction with this project, but I for one think that she’s chosen the right style of play to pursue as a solo act. She wears this look incredibly well, and as long as she keeps singing with the bittersweet passion that she does here, you can count on me following her forthcoming output.

OFFICIAL VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6Z2kM2NVMo

Sebastian Cole