A studded groove adorned with a rich vocal melody strikes Allocai’s “Be My Main” to life with a subtle chill-factor that goes unmatched this summer in both the underground and the mainstream. We follow the searing serenade through a whirlpool of harmonies that surge passionately beneath an atmospheric instrumentation strong enough to snuff out even the weightiest of depressions, but no matter how powerful the music in this track gets, we’re never overwhelmed by its sonic physicality. In “Be My Main,” Allocai delivers an amazingly vulnerable lyric alongside some of the most captivating textures and tones that I’ve come across this August, and though he’s up against some stiff competition in both the American R&B spectrum as well as scenes outside of the country right now, he’s demonstrating a versatility that I personally haven’t seen out of anyone else in his peer group.

Allocai’s vocal has a lot of substance on its own without even digging into the lyrics that it emits with such grace. “Be My Main” could just as well have been an acapella-based pop song and it would still be completely engrossing and elegantly haunting; its creator doesn’t rely on any external frills, bells or whistles associated with a more plasticized R&B sound in this single, but instead employs organic materials exclusively. Every nuanced melody is complemented with a natural texture that anyone – both novice listeners and audiophiles alike – can appreciate in comparison to the tinny lifelessness of an augmented pop track. This artist doesn’t have time for filler; he’s simply got too much on his mind, and moreover, too much in his heart to allow for anything so hackneyed to enter his big picture outlook.

The keys that we hear in the background are even more pronounced in the master mix that the bassline or the percussion are, and I think that, because of their meticulous placement in the arrangement, “Be My Main” is all the more formidable a soundtrack when played through a set of high definition stereo speakers. The emotion that Allocai is bringing into this performance is tremendous, but to experience it properly, you’ve got to hear this song at top volume without any sort of peripheral interruptions. “Be My Main” is as involved a listen as a single can be, and it certainly makes me curious to hear a full-length studio effort from its star in the near future.

“Be My Main” is a must-listen track for fans of pop, R&B, indie hip-hop and alternative soul this summer, and I would even go as far as to deem it the most important recording of Allocai’s burgeoning career. He’s being so forthright and open with us in this single, so unabashedly real and uncorrupted, that it’s difficult for me to imagine audiences not relating to his sound, and more pressingly, the message that he’s trying to spread with it. This song is a stellar addition to an already intriguing discography, and my gut says that it’s only a small sampling of what Allocai has got in store for us as the future of contemporary western music comes into focus.

Sebastian Cole

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