WHAT I’M NOT GONNA DO is more than your favorite new slogan, it’s also the Sugar Pop HIT song by Dina Renee.  She’s made a name for herself on the Hollywood scene as a regular on Entertainment E! TV, but her MUSIC is the passion of her life.  Read to find out why your favorite Summer song is about to get more FUN.

Tell us about being a musician in Los Angeles.

It’s this city that gave me the courage to pursue my music. It’s so inspiring here. Everyday is an opportunity to meet someone that can change your life or inspire a new song.

Please explain your creative process.

Impulsive would maybe be the right word. Whatever I create I try to let it be when I’m not even trying or thinking too much into it. My biggest issue is overthinking things so my creative process is always best when I’m not trying. I’ll literally be driving in my car or out with friends and a melody or lyrics will come to me.

What drew you into the music industry?

Music was always like breathing to me. When I was very young I remember listening to Mariah Carey cd’s on my dad’s big Sony recording headphones literally all day long. I didn’t know how to speak very well but I knew I loved pop music. I was painfully shy and it took me to another world and I would just get lost. I think that’s what is so special about music.

If you could have your fans remember only one thing about you, what would it be and why?

Just that I truly care about them and want to inspire people to not hate themselves or self sabotage their dreams for their life. I think everyday we all struggle with self doubt and I just want to be an advocate for that.

What is the overall message you want to deliver to your fans?

To live your life to the fullest and never let anyone or anything stop you form pursuing your dreams.

Tell us about the NEW MUSIC & New Video!

My new song is called “What I’m Not Gonna Do” it is a fun summer anthem about empowerment and getting out of a toxic relationship. My new video is going to be fun, girly, and colorful -I can’t wait to shoot it. The more ridiculous the better.





End of Interview