Rock, Pop and Adult Contemporary are only three ways to slice multi-talented GREYE, from Daytona, Florida. “What If I” only shows one side of them, but it’s a laced together sound that starts from classic country and rock, easy listening and just about everything else that can be played to demanding fans of anything musically familiar sounding. Led by Hannah Summer with a lot of moxie behind her, this is a band with a sense of forward thinking without the current loss of substance in today’s massive digitally consumed world. “What If I” dares to call- everything out in GREYE’s own way.

If you already have some favorite songs by GREYE, then “What If I” is surely to become another one of them, but then you’d also know from what a good disc it comes from. You can find the promo video on the web, and it’s best to get two mediums in one and that is why videos should be selling instead of just a promo you have to search for a stream of. They should also promote an entire album for that matter, so it’s worth catching if you can to get look as well as hear this fantastic number. More videos can also be found at their website.


“What If” is the opening lead-off track on the 10 track CD Under The Weather, but fans of GREYE know this album and will attest to its greatness, but it’s also worth global exposure and most likely getting it. I can see anyone becoming a fan after hearing this one song and delving in from here, or becoming more of a fan because you’re only as good as your last record and this is a band defining that fact in an industry that constantly reminds of it day in and day out.

If I knew more about GREYE I’d be able to give a broader opinion, but I tend to do what the music says and let it write the story and hang on its own hats. I’d go see GREYE if they plated out west or if I was in the area and that is a sole subsequence of hearing “What If I” and liking it. And there’s more to cover concerning their radio airplay and said global concern, so it’s not like they’re unknowns. Once you get into this track you quickly find they’re a force to reckon with in their own-right, regardless of who knows it or not.

Character and playful southern sass are what Hannah Summer is full of in this song with some excellent guitar work, piano and a hot rhythm section to seal the real deal. These players are all on par with her huge talent, without hot dogging the arrangement and that’s evident on all their songs I’ve taken the recommended time for. It takes time to make a name and keep a band and this one has been going strong for years without my knowledge until now, so it just goes to show what’s really out there growing and what’s just out there showing.


Sebastian Cole