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Like the bright sunlight that breaks through the overcast skies we see in the first few frames of the music video for “Brick by Brick,” singer Rebecca Binnendyk’s radiant lead vocal slashes through the darkness whilst depicting its hollow loneliness with her words in her latest release. There’s a lot of color in this new video, but none of it is quite as engrossing as the musical muscle that inspired it. “Brick by Brick” raises the bar not only for this superior pop songwriter but for her scene in general; Binnendyk is playing like an old pro here, and her growth as an artist is on full display.

The lyrical narrative in this song could be interpreted multiple ways because of the enigmatic means in which our leading lady unravels it to us, but in my initial listening sessions with both the video and the track by itself, I couldn’t help but feel a lot of pain behind the verses that Binnendyk so artfully croons to us. I think that “Brick by Brick” was meant to be taken at face value – this is an elegy, a lamentation if you will, and it’s about as real and exposed as its composer has ever been with us.

I would have put more of a little more of an emphasis on the guitar parts that are scattered throughout this single. Next to the vocal track, they’re the most stunning element in the entire backdrop, and I think that they do more to shape the backbone of the chorus than anything else we hear does. It’s an excusable offense, but I think that Binnendyk could do a better job of spreading out the catharsis in future recordings for sure. She’s got all the right pieces to be a superstar, and now it’s just a matter of getting them as fine-tuned as possible.

Even though I hadn’t heard much about Rebecca Binnendyk before “Brick by Brick,” the substance of this all-new single is simply too good for me to stay away from her impending album of the same name. Her strain of singer/songwriter pop isn’t derivative of her Canadian contemporaries, nor does it take a backseat to the output of her American peers; from where I sit, she’s working with her own brand of melodicism that is still coming to fruition, but once her second record is released to the worldwide public, I think we’re going to know just how far she can go with this swaggering sound that is hers and hers alone.

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Sebastian Cole