Thank you for your time today, Alonzo.   We are fans of your music!  Please share with us how you developed your vocal range and how did you get started singing? 

Hey! Thanks so much for this! I’m so thankful for this interview. Honestly, I’ve loved singing for as long as I can remember. Growing up I listened to a lot of female vocal legends. I remember as a kid being home one day trying to imitate Ms Patti Labelle. I sounded horrible at the time but I realized I could sing really high. I’m pretty sure this was when I discovered I had range. I didn’t really develop it at the time but once I got older I started pursuing music and here I am! Haha

Please tell us about your latest singing gig with Christina Aguilera.  

The gig was a Halloween Special that will be televised on Freeform owned by Disney. The special will air on October 5th. I had the honor of singing back up for Christina Aguilera, Salt & Pepper and More! It was truly an honor just to be in the presence of Christina Aguilera. Excited to see myself on TV haha

Tell us more about your mantra of “Free Of Fear” 

The Free of Fear movement is a movement I started for my fans. I was really in a place in my life where I was so tired of allowing fear to keep me from my dreams. So often fear controls our lives without us even knowing. It’s so important to me to spread a message of love and strength against fear. So, I started FREE OF FEAR

When I say #FreeOfFear I’m not asking you not to be afraid. We all get scared sometimes but I need people to follow their heart with action even when afraid. Doing it afraid is better than not doing anything at all. The only way to be #FreeOfFear is to stop allowing fear to control your life.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what five songs would you hope to have with you to listen to? 

OMG I bet you guys won’t recognize any of these songs haha but since you asked.

Shirley Caesar – I Can Make it

Shirley Caesar – You’re next in line for a Miracle

Bishop Paul Morton – Let it Rain

Tasha Cobbs – Break Every Chain

These songs are powerful songs. I’m pretty sure I’d get off that island haha

Favorites from your latest recordings? 

Not just saying this because it’s my next single but Save Me from Myself is one of my favorite songs on my Debut EP. It really shows the power in my voice. Comes out on 11/11 😉

If you had a superpower, what would it be and why? 

Id definitely want to be immortal. One of my biggest fears is dying before I’ve been able to achieve all of my goals and dreams. Staying young forever and never dying would definitely prevent that from happening haha

How do you feel about the music scene in Los Angeles? 

It has its pros and cons.

The pro is that it’s truly inspiring to be around so many driven talented beings. I love my friends and moving to LA was definitely the best choice I’ve ever made.

Con is I think the music scene is very separated which kind of sucks for a crossover artist like myself. I sing at a lot of Rock venues where I’m usually one of the few black people in the room but I also sing at soul R&B type venues and sometimes I don’t feel “black” enough. It really sucks that we can’t just be talented. I really just want to sing my own way, be appreciated and celebrate ALL music in 1 venue.  It’s actually a goal of mine to start an open mic in LA that does this (Celebrate and feature ALL music).

Who has been your greatest music supporter and cheerleader along your journey? 

My greatest supporter for sure is my Manager Joseph Pearson. At times this man has believed in me more than I’ve believed in myself. I wouldn’t be here without him and he’s been a part of my career since the beginning. So, thankful for him.

Any inside info to share with us regarding your next moves? 

New Single coming November 11th, 2019! EP Coming Early 2020. So excited because once the music is out the real fun begins. Can’t wait to go on tour, perform at festivals and see my fans face to face.

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