Lyrically speaking, James Cole’s all-new single “Type of Guy” is probably one of the more endearing that this skilled up and comer has released thus far in his career, and better yet, you don’t have to be a longtime listener to recognize the amount of emotion that he puts into this latest selection of pop wonderment. Though “Type of Guy” boasts a simplistic harmony built on the back of a familiar beat, its melodic content is anything but ordinary. The rhythm flows like whitewater in this track, which I will boldly deem one of Cole’s smartest to date.

James Cole has never been one to hold back when he gets into the booth with a new verse on his mind, but he definitely takes it up a notch in “Type of Guy.” Right out of the gate, he’s being more aggressive in his approach than he’s ever been before, and leaving virtually no room in the mix for anything (instrumental melodies included) to take away from his moment in the limelight. The lyrical discharge is fierce and fiery, but it never devolves into needless fluff or angst-ridden ranting as so many similarly stylized songs have over the past few months of 2019.


The mix here is very efficient, and arguably the most sterling of all the non-melodic components in this stately single. “Type of Guy” is totally devoid of the overindulgences that have become all too common in mainstream R&B recently, and even though it’s coming from a presently unproven rookie artist who is still working on finding his sound, it’s got the varnish of something that I would assume came from a seasoned studio professional who has had their fair share of wins and losses in this business. Cole is starting college this fall, but he’s already got a leg up on most all of his contemporaries in the underground.

There’s an exotic stylization to these beats that really stayed with me long after my virgin listening session with this track, and it’s something that I would love to hear more of in upcoming releases that James Cole constructs. His sound is diversifying, incorporating external themes and influences that would normally be rejected by those less than erudite songwriters being left in this artist’s dust at the moment, and if it continues to progress at the speed that it has been lately, it’s hard to imagine his brand not breaking through to the mainstream much sooner than later.


If you’re as crazy about vocal-driven urban pop as I am, this is one summer single that you definitely need to hear before the season expires. James Cole is provoking a lot of serious chatter among critics like myself, and one needn’t look beyond this very composition to understand exactly why. He’s cultivating a unique sound at a pace that most of the players in this genre, including the veterans, couldn’t even dream of keeping up with, and I for one think that anyone who dismisses his meteoric rise to fame as beginner’s luck clearly hasn’t even listened to the awesomely evocative music that comprises the JamesCole discography.

Sebastian Cole