Shot in Hong Kong and filmed in Moscow by Luca Lovisetto and Sam Regan, the companion video to “Hong Kong Hike” is a myriad of images and captures the simplicities of everyday life. Transportation and the pulse of large cities emerge at their core it’s all about the human existence. The smiles are as optimistic as the opening piano arrangement. As a bystander and listener, it’s as if the new day is starting and the air of opportunity is just unfolding. “Hong Kong Hike” is from Baseball Gregg from their forthcoming February album Calendar, via La Barberia Records.


Baseball Gregg, a duo comprised of Lovisetto and Regan, channels the sound of their beloved Italy (by way of Bologna) in what they describe on their Facebook page as “climate controlled pop.” Something about the sounds and movement of “Hong Kong Hike” feels like a measured euphoria; the electronic pulses and high, melodic singing is hauntingly beautiful. It feels like summer – it feels like the sun warming your face on a cool morning. The rhythm takes hold about 30 seconds into the song, just as the mesmerizing opening piano cascade falls into the shadows, it makes its acquaintance again during the bridge. There’s a tip-toeing going on with the bass line, it’s not a pulsating EDM song. There’s a definite beat to this song. It’s soul lies somewhere between electronica and pop music. The song sweeps through in a magical mist of brightness and tried-and-true vocal prowess. You might not feel completely engrossed in the actual lyrics – but as a listener connected to the falsetto tones. I sensed a bit of Snow Patrol and even Air in “Hong Kong Hike.”

This song feels intrinsically connected to the aura’s and environment around the duo. As the video suggests, it is a travel through the city, through a far off land. Perhaps this song is to inspire an inner dialogue of finding the beauty in everyday life. Searching out the colors, as the video shows, of different-colored doors in a vendor area or stopping to smell the fresh air. You know the saying, stop and smell the roses! “Hong Kong Hike” finds the sounds happening between the crowded streets, in-between traffic and busy corridors. As a listener it’s easy to relish in the calmness of this song. Missing are strong guitar riffs and impulsive percussion. If this song were a color, I think it would be a mix of greens and blues. The pulse is softer, lighter. It’s as if you’re listening while afloat.

Good things are on the horizon for Baseball Gregg. This duo proves that the creative spirit of pop music is alive and doing very well –“Hong Kong Hike” is a worthy adventure that showcases a unique sound. No frills and just enigmatic tones and melodies, the song cultivates an different side to the pop music genre. This isn’t a sing-a-long tune, rather a narrative to your daily journey. Baseball Gregg is in the game and it’s one that should be played.

Sebastian Cole