The word ‘river’ can evoke many emotions and serve as a sign for movement, sorrow or simply just water. In EDM artist Hourstone’s newest release “Not A River (Still The Rain Remix)”, is a journey of emotional driven trance meets traditional house mix flavor. With an appetite for dance and a laser focused rhythm, the listener is equally impressed with Hourstone’s thought-provoking lyrics.


“But, I, I roam up river, know night and give her all meanings as I may, may, may, may,” the deep, gutted voice sings. Sounding like a dark character, with textures of electronica and hints of empathy, the vocals are paired with a lighter sounding, almost angelic voice that sings the line “you, like the river, know the rivers, love the sea”. Underneath these intriguing lyrics is a full riverbed of deep beats and cascading rhythms. It’s a circular rhythm and feels stop-and-go before the fusion comes together near the song’s middle. Much of this song is dark, not scary, but quite perplexing in the sense that you’re not sure by the singing how you should feel. It’s conflicting. The music, however, makes you feel free, and unstoppable. Like a river, the listener is left to discover new emotions under rocks, through dirt and push back whatever’s in your way. One has to imagine this analogy as overcoming fear, not letting certain obstacles change your outlook or your passion. Hourstone’s pallet is wide open and the listener can choose their own adventure. As an artist, I think his viewpoint of rain is quite remarkable and unique. It’s an unexpected pathway.

Strange as it may sound, this song feels intimate at the same time. The listener is perched in a way to listen in on a conversation. It’s an audacious feeling, and the river might even symbolize romance. I think there’s a slight moment where the sensuality comes out in the beat and tones. Reds and blues intermingling with each other – Hourstone’s evocative single plays upon the dual nature of humanity. Light. Dark. Friend. Lover. He almost leads the listener to hallucination in the spinning beats and intricate snyth. The river takes them down to a delta of sound and dance.

“Not A River (Still The Rain Remix)” is the latest in this young artist’s quite prolific discography. Based in Singapore, Hourstone has accrued a large global following with tracks like “Halfway House – You Never Tell Them Remix”, “I Will Find A Way”, and  “Counting Down to 2”. He features several different mixes of each on his sites. Hourstone finds a way. He’s honed into the listener’s need for chilling beats, thrilling drops and house music invades the heart. Compared to the other tracks, “Not A River (Still The Rain Remix)” is quite fascinating. I also enjoyed the much slower, piano-driven “Not A River” version. The emotion is still there, but in this particular version, I felt more mellow and relaxed. In the remix version, I was charged, empowered to move my body and become more lost in the music.

Sebastian Cole