Lately it’s felt like 2020 is going to be the year of the singer/songwriter, and there’s no debating whether or not independent artists like Jim Lord are why. With a smoky vocal and a crisp guitar melody to lead the way, Lord delivers two stunning new singles this summer in “Little Star” and “Helplessly I Fell” that could be among some of the best content he’s released to date. In both of these tracks, we’re invited into the warmth of a rustic folk harmony as it’s been reimagined for the millennial age. Lord neither challenges the traditional model nor fails to experiment with the blueprints left behind by his influences, which, if you ask me, is quite the unique balance to strike for any musician.


There’s definitely a lot of old school folk-rock in this artist’s sound. “Little Star” aches with the sort of emotionality that was once a staple of the genre some half century ago, and yet none of its faceting feels particularly throwback-ish. There’s a lot of soul in the vocal that Lord brings to the table in this single, and though the lyricism is very familiar – taking from the referenced nursery rhyme – it doesn’t sound all that recycled. It’s difficult to impart the kind of passion than one would expect to hear in a liver performance inside the four walls of a recording studio, but nevertheless, Jim Lord persists in his quest to do just that in both of his new singles – succeeding, I might add, with a great deal of ease.

As much as I enjoyed these two songs, I feel like “Helplessly I Fell” is more of a statement piece in style and sound. There’s an enthralling poetic value to what Lord is trying to get across to the listener in this single, and while I don’t mean to discount the credibility of “Little Star,” I would be lying if I said that there wasn’t something really special about its tracklist neighbor. Although he’s not a household name, Jim Lord has the presence of a full-fledged star in “Helplessly I Fell,” and whether you’ve been following him from the get-go or are just now discovering his music for the first time, it’s abundantly clear that he has a wealth of experience under his belt.

If you haven’t already heard his work prior to 2020, I would encourage you to start off with “Little Star” and “Helplessly I Fell” when making your acquaintance with Mr. Jim Lord this June. Singer/songwriters are definitely having a landmark year, but this is one artist whose sound has no trouble standing out in a crowd. From his intimate vocal harmonies to the verses they present us with so eloquently, Lord doesn’t hold back from giving us everything he’s capable of here, and if this is just a preview of what this next chapter of his career is going to sound like, I’m going to be eagerly awaiting his next dispatch. Folk-rock fans have a lot to be excited about right now, but this is one pair of singles that shouldn’t go overlooked.

Sebastian Cole

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