Loud and monstrous, though consistently melodic throughout its running time, the new single and music video “Some Gave All” from metal’s Broken Past is as sonically profound as it is lyrically moving. A sludgy, riff-based composition that leaves all of the fluff and unwanted fat on the sidelines, “Some Gave All” is an instrumental beast, but its greatest charm is perhaps the red, white and blue narrative it imparts to us. Broken Past tip their collective cap to those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom here, and their efforts shouldn’t go without recognition this season.

The music video for “Some Gave All” holds nothing back from us, presenting us with shot after shot of veteran-centric imagery, each feeling a little colder and defining than the one that came before it. It’s visually provocative from the get-go, but far from overly familiar in any capacity. There’s no denying that this isn’t the first video to honor those who have served in uniform, but I like the fact that Broken Past are seemingly going out of their way to avoid recycling any of the specific themes that we’ve already seen a thousand times before now.

I really like the tension created by the riffing in this track, as its both deliberate and the result of the pressurized instrumentation coming into the lead vocal at full-force. The EQ on the guitars is scooped but not offensively brutish, and considering the era that we’re coming out of in 2020, that’s something to be marveled at indeed. Gone are the days of ear-numbing bassline carnage; for bands like this one, streamlined assaults present their sound with the opportunity to sound more efficient and skillful even when operating with the heaviest of melodies. Broken Past are looking into the future here, and I like what their approach is producing.

The drums feel a little muted in a couple of spots in “Some Gave All,” but then again, next to this powerhouse of a vocal-guitar combo up in the front of the mix, anything would. There’s so much aggression coming off of the tandem attack that the verses and their adjoining riffs comprise, and yet I would stop well short of saying that anything here sounds even remotely over the top or excessive to the point of annoyance. As previously stated, this is a lean and mean band with a lean and mean sound, and if it wasn’t obvious before, it should be perfectly clear now.

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Metalheads and patriots of all tastes will definitely dig what Broken Past are dishing out in “Some Gave All” this summer, and for me, it’s provided a plethora of reasons to keep an eye on this group’s future output. They’ve got a very punishing sound that is still taking shape, but for the amount of time that they’ve been in this business together, I think they’re making plenty of progress as a band. Broken Past have the riffs you need this July, and I think you’re going to agree.

Sebastian Cole