The Collect Pond have a fascinating EP entitled In The Garden. But there is a story to tell and it’s not all just about the music on the EP, but about the artist behind The Collect Pond and how this EP came to form and ultimately be released. It is the latest songwriting vehicle for Danny Moffat who made his first record on a 4-track recorder in northern Washington. Along with writing, his performing has seen him through the Seattle and Portland areas, to New York City and Boston. Moffat was also the guitarist on rapper Que Believe’s “Diamonds” and a touring guitarist for Brooklyn band It Was Romance.


That is only tipping the iceberg as far as Moffat’s accomplishments, as the In The Garden EP has a lot to offer up when it comes to the product and how it stands up in real time. “Travelling” is the opening track and it tends to last on the mind if you loop it enough to get the overall feel and low-fi production of it by the first track alone. This is a song worth cutting as a single, because it says quite a lot about the EP on the whole.

The roots of Moffat run deep into David Bowie territory, but not before the classic approach of “Hieronymus Bosch” graces your ears and completely draws you into how good Moffat is. This is more of a serious music piece, but it fits the script without boring the ears on what could otherwise be the case. The title alone could scare off any indie rock lover, so don’t skip it based on that. If you really want to get into it faster, start with this song and move around from there because it is a truly good piece of music worth deep diving into.

And what better to do during Covid-19 but “Washing Dishes” to pass the time away. This is my favorite track and top pick of the EP, as I find it to be a cut above all others without taking anything away from them. It is the most accessible track by far, with a little something for everyone including killer guitar work by Moffat that at times reminds of everything from the Beatles to punk and Bowie, as mentioned. In fact, most would find this guitar playing to be understated but excellent. My hat goes off to Danny Moffat for this one.


“In Between The Seasons” is a great way to close this cool release for the Covid-19 blues, as just about anyone can relate. That’s obviously what it is for and why it was recorded, and the low-fi sound is actually a good thing and will forever keep it a unique release for the sake of it. This is yet another hypnotic track in which Moffat can hang his pride on, as it contends with the rest on In The Garden. I just wish I had already known about Moffat, as not much misses my radar coming from this region. But I’m happy to review this EP.

Sebastian Cole