If there’s one genre that refuses to die, it’s rock n’ roll, and never has its storied vitality been quite as obvious as it arguably is in 2020, with bands like The Confusionaires keeping some of its vintage tones alive via From the Headache to the Heartache for a generation seemingly eager to embrace them.

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While not a theme record per say, From the Headache to the Heartache’s “Crazy is Just What I Do,” “Sour Mash,” “Side Dish” and “Look at Me Now” are something out of a rockabilly-crossover fan’s dream, and when coupled with the mainstream-caliber single and music video “I Got a Heart,” the entire tracklist of this record feels like a turning point for the musicians who made it happen this autumn.

The lead single here is outside of the main concept for the LP in general, but it’s undisputedly cut from the same aesthetical cloth as “One Less Cowboy Out on the Range,” “I Ain’t Goin’ Home” and the rambling “I Like Cars!,” and you don’t need to be a professional critic to recognize as much. The demonstration of duality was clearly of great importance to The Confusionaires when they were assembling not only the tracklist but specific songs like “Blue Enough for Two,” “Sometimes I’m Bad” and “Many Miles to Go,” but egotism was never a part of the recipe. They’re too selfless with the chemistry in this material for anything else to be true, and I think you’ll agree when you listen to the record for yourself.

The Confusionaires are definitely an under-the-radar kind of a band that will have a lot of work ahead of them if they’re ever going to break into the American spotlight and free from the chains that a lot of Canadian indie groups wear for the duration of their existence, but in From the Headache to the Heartache, they raise an eyebrow for anyone who lives and dies by the soulfulness of good rockabilly.

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They aren’t giving us a half-order of anything in this delicious selection of songs – truthfully, they break off more than some will be able to chew on, while others (myself included) will regard this as an AOTY nominee.

Sebastian Cole