Country music star, Richard Lynch releases brand new single “He’ll Make Everything Alright.” It comes down as timely, during the Covid-19 live entertainment freeze. What’s more it comes with duets with Ronnie McDowell and Leona Williams and includes 5 Top 40 country singles.  The next single to be released is “He’ll Make Everything Alright” and it comes down just as timely as the album itself during the Covid-19 live entertainment freeze.  For an artist who’s spent over 30 weeks atop the Roots Music Report True Country chart and gained even more attention as a Billboard Magazine Emerging Artist, it’s a wonder I am only just now hearing of him.


If felt like a long-lost artist I had missed but would rather have been hearing all along, it’s a strange way to discover an artist of such high caliber and praise at this stage of the game.  Richard Lynch comes out of left field for me, but more than likely not anyone reading this, as he does have a large and very supportive fan base, with roots in Ohio where he is now in the Ohio Country Music Hall Of Fame.  Chances are you are reading this because you already know everything there is to tell, but one discovery is not always the same as the next.

“He’ll Make Everything Alright” could be misconstrued in these times as waving a flag for your chosen leaders of the free world, but it is more of a cry to the heaven’s above to save us from ourselves.  Lynch has tried his many forms of country music and always gravitates back to the traditional style which usually carries a positive, rather than a negative message to the people.  It might even be more country music leaning at the-moment, just for the sake of what is going on between the two parties, but Lynch takes you back to church instead.

The message is so well intended the song finds itself in jeopardy of being too positive in a world full of darker days than ever before.  That being-said, it is a case of why not try and shine a light for those who can’t find any themselves.  “He’ll Make Everything Alright” comes to that rescue for those without as much hope as the next person, even if people are losing faith by the hour.  There is still no reason to look down all the time in-order to pass a dull situation, a good song always helps.

“He’ll Make Everything Alright” is not about any person who can save the day, it is about ascending to another place and rising above the fray.  It is about staying grounded on a planet that gathers speed by the day and appears to be going into orbit at terminal velocity, it’s about a relationship with holier things to turn to when people are not there and the news of the world gets too much.  Richard Lynch knows how to get inside your head and stay there, as long-as what he is preaching is what you’re looking for it is a full on no stop delivery.

Sebastian Cole