Dova Lewis’s debut EP, is the culmination of a stranger than fiction road to realization. The self titled work, contains the single, “Dreamer,” which is something of a quintessential addition to her catalog. At four songs, the EP seems to be something of an appetizer, for what is yet to come. As a standalone song, “Dreamer” is more than enough to spark the coveted industry chatter. It’s already making quite the impression on YouTube, only a couple weeks removed, from its release.


Like any songwriter, Dova Lewis is a storyteller. What separates her, is the story she has to tell. Originally from Montreal, Dova lost a family member at one point, and the devastation of that loss led her into a dark headspace for some time. In order to cope with her grieving,  she relocated to the Hawaiian rainforest, and connected with an international group of artists. She feels her time there, confirmed her destiny was to be a Singer/Songwriter.

After her transcendent experience in Hawaii, she then moved onto Los Angeles, where her music career, really got kicked into gear. It’s where she would ultimately record the aforementioned EP, which brings us to present day. Her journey has brought her full circle, as she has returned to where it all began, in Montreal. Her experiences on the Island and in the microcosm of the West Coast, have given her a rare perspective and a distinct diversity as a musical artist. Her sound on “Dreamer” is an amalgam of the influences she has had since childhood, and what has shaped her, throughout her amazing experiences.

I’ve been sharing your bed/with my silhouette/I’ve done no harm yet. Dova has and will encountered some Adele Adele comparisons. Particularly, with a song like “Dreamer,” and its piano driven verses. Her voice has that power, and can seamlessly turn from delicate to booming. You can detect the slightest edge to Lewis on “Dreamer,” though. It’s not a stretch to assume that she will push to incorporate more of a rock influence into her sound as time goes by.

In the video for, “Dreamer,” we get  surrealistic, dream like sequences. There are scenes involving a dancer in the woods, that are gorgeous, and in some ways, slightly unsettling. The figure is mysterious, and if shot in a different context, could even succeed in being scary. While simple, the concept for the video is quite original. We see just enough of Lewis, to want to know more about her, and the visuals are stunning, albeit in brief snippets. All in all, the video does a wonderful job of enhancing and embellishing the song.

As far as debuts go, this one is as strong as an artist can hope for. The strength of “Dreamer,” alone, is enough to garner interest for Lewis, not to mention the three other songs from the EP. It’s somewhat rare for things to align in such a fortuitous way, what with the single and the video featuring strong and memorable performances. Dova Lewis is that type of artist, that you feel confident is going to take calculated risks, as her discography expands. The dreamers biggest dream, is just beginning.

Sebastian Cole