Joining such notable Hard Rock acts as Sevendust and Mastodon, Pistols At Dawn hails from Atlanta, Georgia. Their new single, “Voices” is now available on all platforms, as well as an accompanying music video on YouTube. The band’s genre is a strange mix of modernity and an era gone by. Strange in the sense, that as soon as you hear a song like “Voices,” it somehow feels either current or as though you’ve been transported to 2001. Regardless, the band’s performance leaves no question in regards to their talent, or to the fact that they actually have something to say.


5 piece bands are a tricky undertaking. Many people see the assimilation, and just assume it’s a common practice. The truth is, the interplay between the rhythm and lead guitars, has to be precise and virtually seamless. If the two guitarists can’t reach a level of absolute cohesion and synergy, then you end up with an overabundance of volume, and an undercutting of your bandmates. The best compliment I can give to Pistols At Dawn, is that if you didn’t know any better, you would assume they are a single guitar band, as that is how in simpatico they are.

One of the band’s former guitarists, Mike Buffa, sadly passed away in 2018. Tommy Richardson would fill in for the late Buffa, and PAD trudged on through that tragic loss. It seems the band has focused primarily on singles, but they did release a full length EP, Nocturnal Youth, in 2020. The first single to be released from the album is the conscientious rocker “Voices.” Pistols At Dawn, say the song is about self-reflection, and “drawing a line in the sand, to weed out all the nonsense.”


The video for “Voices,” features the band in a dimly lit room, with an abundance of candles. It’s a simple shot, with a single location, that focuses on the performance. The band looks like a fully functional unit, and they say the video is intended to capture intimacy. The lighting and setting compliment the tracks subject matter, well. A location change or two might have created a bit more intrigue, and an opportunity to create more climactic elements.

Pistols At Dawn is fronted by former Rockstar Supernova finalist, Chris Pierson. Fans of the show, know that Pierson has a strong upper-mid range, and his style lends itself to this genre, well. The song and video seems to ho out of the way to emphasize his vocal power, but it stands on its own, just fine. It doesn’t sound as though he as well versed in screaming, as it is an entirely separate art. All in all, Pierson represents himself, well on, “Voices.”


For a band like Pistols At Dawn, standing out isn’t as important as fitting in. There message is what distinguishes them, and judging from “Voices,” what they have to say is relevant and meaningful. They have room to experiment with their sound, and let’s hope they feel compelled to explore a wider scope of influences as time goes by. As for now, they have crafted themselves into a formidable and credible Hard Rock band. They have persevered through loss and the oversaturation of negativity and subterfuge, to ultimately find a voice of their own.

Sebastian Cole