In Cold Stares riveting and dynamic new effort, Heavy Shoes changes speeds and tempos and presents the band’s gift of creating songs with freedom and clarity. Breathtaking in scope, Heavy Shoes takes the listener on a ride back to the days of Iron Maiden, Soundgarden and classic White Stripes.


Each song is perfectly placed to a proper order, shifting tempos, making Heavy Shoes more satisfying and enticing with each new listen. Cold Stares is the proper band for a huge occasion, notably a party for the youthful, not the weak or feeble, a party that can leave a college campus or small arena spellbound with listening enrichment. I’m in awe of the band’s yearning and desire to dive deep into each song’s structures. With a pinch of a riveting chorus hook here, and meaty lead guitar outro there, the duet draws all their might into concocting a mesmerizing recipe for daring songwriting. In two simple words, their songwriting ability is:  pure magic.

“Save you from you” is a compelling powerful statement indeed, a pulsating, bluesy highlight of this collection, as I’m taken back to the efforts of McCartney and Lennon on the heavier parts of 1968’s the White Album. “You Wanted Love” brings together a mark of excellence through its masterful drums and percussion, arguably the most dynamic drums on their entire LP. It’s a true pleasure to escape and be lost in the marvel of Cold Stares new bluesy hard rock effort. I truly adore the quirky, witty riff of the lead guitars in the chorus of another crafty gem, “Election Blues”

If a youth so enthusiastic for today’s budding rock scene, or even an older fan, wise in his knowledge of rock history, looks into a kaleidoscope for the secret of life’s happiness in music, they would not find themselves too far from its source. While peeking through that telescope, they just have to have Heavy Shoes playing on their radio dial. Just then they’d discover a new mark of heaven. This band successfully holds onto their roots, their music enabling the listeners to feel melodies genuine, authentic, and raw. Fact of the matter is, the tunes on this LP really have a pulse of what we all wish for, the message and hope of freedom. Each song resonates with a sheer bounce, helping the weight of our heavy burdens dissipate, if only the listener would let go and be spellbound, and let it float them away this summer to auburn skies.


As the sun sets, and the show begins, this band is about to embark on a 2021 tour to promote Heavy Shoes, and they are insistent to leave no stone of music’s soul left unturned. I think you’ll find this LP quite a rewarding listen. Striking and candid in scope, a new revelation in lyrical and melodic breadth, the songs pure blues sound is clear and authentic. This splendid and soulful album engages the soul and keeps the heart searching for healing of pain and reason in this dark world. A remarkable effort.

Sebastian Cole