Brielle Brown calms the storm, unleashes the human spirit of connectivity amidst an endearing pop/adult contemporary standard in her new single “She’s Come To Sing”. The track, from Brown’s The Well, draws inspiration from the idea of renewal, hope, sparking community and most of all, the idea of love. Furthering her artistry and presentation is a companion music video – a poignant display of dance and beaming sunlight. “She’s Come To Sing” showcases Brown’s gorgeous voice and a stunning reminder that when it’s all said and done, love is always the answer.


When the song first starts, it’s a steady, wholesome rhythm. The stirring strings are a nice accent to Brown’s voice. She’s warm, but firm. Her tone is very loving, but you can tell that in the way she sings, that she’s been through a lot. It’s not that she’s exhausted in her voice, but there is definitely a sense of turning over a new leaf. As the song flows, it unfolds into a song with more depth, layering. The electric keys and even horns are contained – boxed up like a specially wrapped gift box. The strings on both the violin and acoustic guitar are sewn together, with melodic tones that hug the listener.

I closed my eyes and Brown’s voice reminded me of artists like Martina McBride and Sheryl Crow. Brown has the wonderful mix of Americana, pop and soul within her range. Now the only thing left to do is love, Brown gloriously sings. In many ways, that one online encapsulates the song – but the vibrancy of the music bed triggers a range of emotions. The paramount emotion is feeling like you’re at home; something about this song makes the listener feel comfort and joy. Like the electric organ/keys (and horns) and the overall orchestration, there is a sense that Brown could really let loose with her voice – rather she holds back and grips the listener within a specialized zone. I do think there’s a fight in her voice, a relentlessness that possesses the audacity of hope. She’s humble, but very proud. As she should be. Fans of country music, though she’s missing the twang in her delivery, will definitely want to check out this track. I also think Christian music fans will find this song very pleasing. Scratch that – all music fans will find this song adoring. I loved the way it makes things feel at peace, that life is back on track.

The “She’s Come to Sing” music video is incredible. Brown worked with New Jersey’s Project Dance Studio and presented an amazing, choreographed dance presentation. Where artists like Sia rely on just one dancer, “She’s Come To Sing” features a dance ensemble that curves around a detailed storyline. The balanced dance is richer, goes deeper than the music. It’s visually interesting because the dancers are wearing beige, brown colors. The sunlight naturally comes through, and the movement is detailed ever so beautifully. It’s the perfect accoutrement to Brown’s voice. Elysha Richman is behind the casting and choreography with cinematography by Kirby Sybert.

Sebastian Cole