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Author: Sebastian Cole

Rob Georg Sings Just Like a Cowboy

Written by on 20 February 2020

Germany’s Rob Georg sings what’s it like being a professional cowboy. The grit. The bloody and blistered hands. You could say the same thing about learning to play a guitar and even writing a song. He does ‘em both in the packed 15-song album Radio Cowboy. Relying more on strong storytelling then over-the-top music beds, Georg’s […]

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Interview with Ryan Rosoff

Written by on 19 February 2020

Ryan you have been on the music scene for a while – which is incredible. What would you say some of the biggest changes you have seen and experienced as a musician and in the industry? I know – 23 years and counting. When did “then” turn into “right now”?  I mean, one always knows […]

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Mike Donello & the New Essentials release EP

Written by on 16 February 2020

Mike Donello & the New Essentials simply have no time for the fluff that a lot of other pop groups would employ when making a debut record in their self-titled EP and its five lush tracks – on the contrary, theirs is a rookie offering that rejects the very notion of putting filler where genuinely […]

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Darren Michael Boyd gets his funk on via new LP

Written by on 12 February 2020

Enormous melodies dressed as metallic daggers confront us with formidable strength in “The Earth is B flat.” The overdrive gets turned down while the tempo gets twisted in “This song won’t get played on the radio.” Darren Michael Boyd gets his funk on in “Was it something I said?” with just as much passion as […]

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Interview with The Keymakers

Written by on 11 February 2020

Hello Keymakers! Thank you for your time today! We have tried to keep up with the Spectra tour on IG – it seems like it is going amazing. You just had a show in Boston. Tell us what that was like for you? RED: It was totally awesome!! The tour has been going great but […]

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Interview with Kendra and the Bunnies

Written by on 11 February 2020

Welcome Kendra! We are excited to chat with you today! Let’s start off with more info on your new music! You are going to release a new single Silent Sleeper. Did you write this song? Thanks so much for inviting me to interview today! Yes, “Silent Sleeper”, my upcoming single is being released in early […]

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Kings County are answering the call

Written by on 30 January 2020

Both aficionados and casual observers of rock have been vocalizing their desire to hear more vitality from the genre for a long while now, and in that spirit, the Florida underground’s Kings County are answering the call with a shot of life in the form of their new single “All That I Want,” a prime […]

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Forgotten Door release Self-Titled EP

Written by on 29 January 2020

Las Vegas headquartered six piece Forgotten Door’s SELF-TITLED EP certainly pays tribute to iconic acts like Stevie Nicks-era Fleetwood Mac, among others, but there’s much more going on here. Their original compositions boast identifiable reference points without lapsing into outright imitation; it is as if Forgotten Door’s songwriting absorbed those lessons and transformed them through […]

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Jonathan Emile’s new single “Moses”

Written by on 28 January 2020

Full of as much ache as the vocal is, the glare of the harmonica’s melody at the start of Jonathan Emile’s new single “Moses” sets the tone for the entire song soon to follow in quite the Dylan-esque fashion. Charged with emotion and a raw vulnerability that isn’t common among the mainstream side of pop […]

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Incendiary Heart by Andy Michaels

Written by on 18 January 2020

In his second record, titled Incendiary Heart, Andy Michaels throws out the rulebook when it comes to making a sophomore album and focuses solely on getting back to the basics of songwriting, and though this approach could rightly be described as somewhat minimalistic compared to what he did in Revisited, his 2018 debut, it’s an aesthetic that […]

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