Everyday at 7pm ET we play the latest submissions to Gashouse Radio in a segment we call Band vs Band. Don’t let the name fool you; this is not a competition, or a “Battle of the Bands”. This is simply a fun way to introduce new music to our listeners.

During the Band vs Band hour, we play a few songs from half a dozen of the latest submissions to come into Gashouse Radio. Our listeners can “vote” on every song they hear using the thumbs up/down buttons located on the website, and also located on our free Android and iPhone app.

These votes are tallied and used to determine how often the songs are heard in rotation after their initial week in the Band vs Band hour. The highest voted band debuting in the 7pm hour will stay in that hour the following week for added exposure (there is a 3 week maximum stay in Band vs Band).

But that’s not all. These votes can determine a lot more. If a song gets enough votes, it could end up on our Top 10 Countdown (daily at 6pm ET), which airs the highest voted songs of the day. At the end of every month we post The Top 10 Songs of the Month on our site.

Gashouse Radio is run by it’s listeners. Therefore these “votes” determine quite a bit. So if your band is on Band vs Band, encourage your fans to tune in and vote! Also, these votes don’t just count during the 7p ET hour, these votes are tallied 24/7. So make sure your share your opinion on every song you hear on Gashouse Radio using the thumbs up/down buttons.

And thank you for spreading the word about Gashouse Radio!