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GREYE Releases New Album

Written by on 11 June 2021

2020 was probably the most devastating year rock music has endured in a long time, and it had almost nothing to do with the prime talent rocking the American underground these days. One of my favorite indie acts at the moment, Greye has a new album in So Far So Good out this summer that seeks to […]

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“Five Rings” by DICI

Written by on 11 June 2021

The youth are the future, and the music industry, in particular, seems directly affected by this more than most areas of entertainment with the ever-changing fads and social media platforms ebbing and flowing harder than the tide. With the colossal rise of youth musicians like Billie Eilish, Noah Cyrus, and Lil Nas X in the […]

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Tedi Brunetti – The Queen of Pittsburgh

Written by on 7 June 2021

Attaining a new lease on life in the wake of already going through the wringer that is the music industry once before can be as enlightening as it might be daunting. For singer-songwriter-drummer-bandleader Tedi Brunetti (talk about a multi-hyphenate), that first go-around happened to take place in the 70s and 80s-era of New York City […]

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Izzie’s Caravan – “Blow The Lid” (LP)

Written by on 4 June 2021

When starting up Izzie’s Caravan’s debut LP Blow The Lid, the intentions are put on deep display and the shots are called (literally in some songs with the use of gunshot sound effects) loudly and proudly — the opening track “Roadkill Rita” is an unabashedly rollicking good time and a fantastically efficient way to showcase […]

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“I Never Catch The Train” by Sarantos

Written by on 3 June 2021

The newest single by multimedia sensation, Sarantos is “I Never Catch The Train.” Sarantos is a one of a kind, you could say. In addition to being a musician, he also writes books, poetry, and hosts his own radio show. His social media numbers are strong, and he seems skilled in the art of self […]

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Jesse And The Hoggs Release “Get Hammered”

Written by on 1 June 2021

Jesse And The Hoggs, might just be Country Music’s answer to The Bloodhound Gang. One of the reasons for that, may be that the band doesn’t consider themselves Country at all. Jesse And The Hoggs have illustriously deemed themselves as, Cow Punk. The mere sight of this proposed genre on paper is riotous enough to […]

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