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BD Gottfried’s Entrancing Onion Doves 

Written by on 1 December 2021

Between swarthy keys and fat synth melodies, the title track in BD Gottfried’s entrancing Onion Doves wraps its tight hook around us and refuses to let go – perhaps the perfect demonstration of what its creator is so adept at both in and outside of the studio. In songs like this one and the tenacious blood-pumper “Earth […]

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“Talk Like a Musician” by Joe Piket

Written by on 11 November 2021

I didn’t expect this. I haven’t heard The Bangles’ 80’s hit “Talk Like an Egyptian” in many years so I didn’t immediately read the title for Joe Piket’s new single “Talk Like a Musician” and think, oh, hey, Joe Piket does The Bangles? It’s far from a literal cover. Long Island, New York’s “edgier Billy […]

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 Three Piece Vicous Kitty Releases “Mr. Darkness”

Written by on 29 October 2021

Thick, riddled with smooth overdrive, and tonally resonating with the tube amp-worshiping classic rocker in all of us, there’s no stopping the charisma of the riffage you’re going to hear in the new single “Mr. Darkness” from Vicious Kitty this fall. Rather than hitting us with a barrage of indulgent noise right off the top […]

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Parker Longbough Releases “Off Front Street” 

Written by on 23 October 2021

Off Front Street has eight of the most unique songs you’ll hear in 2021. No one can claim Parker Longbough isn’t engaged with life. Finding songwriting inspiration in subjects as varied as a gorilla saving the life of a three year old, champion sledder Dallas Seavey’s dog doping controversy, and time-tested topics like love after divorce […]

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Tides from The Transonics

Written by on 1 September 2021

With so much experimentalism blowing up in the underground at the moment, there’s been a lot of debate among critics as to what constitutes smart compositional dabbling and what is merely a cheap recreation of Sonic Youth, but in the case of the new record Tides from The Transonics, I think the talent of the creators speaks […]

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