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Barista Drops New Album

10 May 2021

Filmmaker David Fincher once said in most art, the audience knows you can do anything, so it really becomes about what DON’T you do. Istanbul-based artist Barista knows this sentiment very well and yet somehow still manages to flex such a wide range of abilities with his latest release Open Sesame, Vol 1. His last […]

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Sam Green and the Time Machine Quietly Making Incredible Music for 10 Years

7 May 2021

If you value first rate singer/songwriter material and unique perspective, the bookends of Sam Green’s recording career the last eight years merit your attention. Green and his Time Machine project has brought together a cadre of musical talents enhancing his already considerable talents. Comparing the album releases from these disparate points likewise illustrates his ongoing […]

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Fredo Viola’s “My New Head” 

4 May 2021

Presented to us with a delicate vocal and a barebones instrumental backdrop as to maximize the effect of the lyrics, “Black Box” is one of the more memorable tracks in Fredo Viola’s My New Head, but unmistakably only a single chapter in a vast, personal story that is the album in its entirety. Throughout every song […]

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Brian Shapiro Band – All We Can See (LP)

23 April 2021

The Brian Shapiro Band is an East Coast based trio whose debut effort All We Can See rates as one of the most interesting releases in 2021. It’s a heartening development that, despite the pandemic-induced disarray of the past year plus, musical units such as the Brian Shapiro Band are as creative as ever. The nine track […]

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Robert Miller Releases Second Solo Effort

19 April 2021

Robert Miller legitimately might be one of the hardest working and dedicated musicians you might not have heard of. In a time when the pandemic has made it a lot more difficult to keep up with the never-ending output of “content” based music, Miller is more thoughtful than that, especially on his newest solo venture, […]

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Dova Lewis’s Debut EP

14 April 2021

Dova Lewis’s debut EP, is the culmination of a stranger than fiction road to realization. The self titled work, contains the single, “Dreamer,” which is something of a quintessential addition to her catalog. At four songs, the EP seems to be something of an appetizer, for what is yet to come. As a standalone song, […]

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