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Elizabeth Sombart’s “Singing the Nocturnes” LP

5 January 2022

In what initially resembles a stumble-step, melodic keys flagrantly knock into one another, soon to form a harmony for the senses that is next to impossible to compete with, especially if you’ve got an ear for classical music as I do. This is “Nocturnes, Op. 9 No. 3 in B Major, Allegretto,” from Elizabeth Sombart’s […]

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21 December 2021

Those who are into the underground rap scene have already been buzzing about the music of Vikki Sota all year long, but this December, the conversation is shifting towards the future as his new EP Genesis prepares to drop. We already know Sota’s story and the passion he has for the craft; truthfully, anyone who listens to […]

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Barry Muir’s New Single “Weathered the Storm”

1 December 2021

Everyone in the pop underground seems to be favoring rustic aesthetics over anything modern and futuristic-minded, save for one artist by the name of Barry Muir. Muir’s new single “Weathered the Storm” is a unique addition to the music of his scene this autumn in that it has a very new school feel to its […]

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BD Gottfried’s Entrancing Onion Doves 

1 December 2021

Between swarthy keys and fat synth melodies, the title track in BD Gottfried’s entrancing Onion Doves wraps its tight hook around us and refuses to let go – perhaps the perfect demonstration of what its creator is so adept at both in and outside of the studio. In songs like this one and the tenacious blood-pumper “Earth […]

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“Talk Like a Musician” by Joe Piket

11 November 2021

I didn’t expect this. I haven’t heard The Bangles’ 80’s hit “Talk Like an Egyptian” in many years so I didn’t immediately read the title for Joe Piket’s new single “Talk Like a Musician” and think, oh, hey, Joe Piket does The Bangles? It’s far from a literal cover. Long Island, New York’s “edgier Billy […]

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“Even The Undertaker” by Once Great Estate

30 October 2021

The Florida woods sound of Once Great Estate is captured in full glory on Even The Undertaker, as it makes no secret about it from song to song. This amazing Folk group go from subtle to intense at every turn, without going over the top with out of period modern factors. Each track remains true […]

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