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Mel Pacifico and Uness Join RockLee’s in “It’s a Feeling”

26 July 2021

As much an agent of seduction as either of the vocals in this track are, the groove supporting Mel Pacifico and Uness in RockLee’s “It’s a Feeling” has a rhythmic command over the audience from the moment we press the play button forward. There’s no separation between the singers and the beat in this single; […]

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Canada’s own Wave 21 Releases New Music

24 July 2021

It’s really easy to fall in love with the North American underground right now, and if you’re keeping up with Canada’s own Wave 21 at the moment, you already know exactly what I’m talking about. The formerly insular Canadian circuit has been producing smashing content from the likes of Wave 21 for several years now, but the band’s new record Brace Yourself is […]

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The Color Forty Nine Release New Music

24 July 2021

A quaint strum here, an aggressive harmony there. Spun together out of fragmented melodies and broken emotions reimagined in lyrics, we find a bittersweet story to behold in the new album String Ladders from The Color Forty Nine that perhaps speaks to the fractures in alternative music, both self-created and aesthetically inevitable. In songs like the short […]

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“Heavy Shoes” LP by The Cold Stares

23 July 2021

In Cold Stares riveting and dynamic new effort, Heavy Shoes changes speeds and tempos and presents the band’s gift of creating songs with freedom and clarity. Breathtaking in scope, Heavy Shoes takes the listener on a ride back to the days of Iron Maiden, Soundgarden and classic White Stripes. WEBSITE: Each song is perfectly […]

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Little King is Back With New Album

21 July 2021

Little King is a band with a backstory that astounds many, and confounds a few. It was 25 years ago, that Ryan Rosoff decided it was time to branch out on his own from his prior band, and find his inner royalty. Since that time, Little King has gone through multiple iterations, and even a […]

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“The Last Gun” by Eagle Johnson

16 July 2021

At once reminiscent of the growling tonal menace of The Stooges and something even further left of the dial, Eagle Johnson’s fretwork in the new album The Last Gun is probably the biggest reason it left me hypnotized upon hearing it for the first time. For the past ten years, good guitar rock has been inconceivably hard […]

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