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“Blue Sky” by Foundry Town Survivors

24 June 2022

Surreal lyrics can come together a few different ways, but from where I’m sitting I don’t think there’s any beating what Foundry Town Survivors establish in the new single “Blue Sky.” Although there’s something to be said about the melodic trappings within this mix, there’s even more to be noted about the structure of these […]

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Brian Shapiro Releases Second Album

2 June 2022

  I can honestly say I’ve never heard a song quite like “Ambitigeddon”. I’m no babe in the woods, I’ve heard more than my fair share of music from a wide cross-section of styles and genres, but little matches the originality of this tune. It’s all the more remarkable that I grasped its subject matter […]

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Holt Vaughn Release “These Songs, Vol. 2”

2 June 2022

I’m quite taken with what Holt Vaughn has accomplished with his latest album These Songs, Vol. 2. Vaughn recruited a number of guest musicians to help him nail these songs down, but there are few collections in this vein, singer/songwriter meets Americana meets Christian Contemporary, where the songs burn with such obvious individualism. His songwriting […]

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Guitarist Juan Tigre Releases New Music

19 May 2022

John Maestas’ vision for Juan Tigre will not be for everyone. If you like your music straight-up 4/4 rock of some variety with the typical lead singer, guitar (maybe two), bass, and drum setup or some variation thereof, turn back now. You’ll hear guitar during Tigre’s second album Azúl Arriba, Blue Below, but it isn’t riffing away […]

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Act American Trio Releases “True North” EP

6 May 2022

Making a record centered on harmony doesn’t mean shortchanging listeners when it comes to the substance of lyrics or even the girth of a groove; it means putting the collective above the singular in every presented situation. URL: The Act Americana Trio set a fine example for their peers in this department with the […]

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148 Releases “Sampati” LP

27 April 2022

148’s new album Sampati begins off strong with an opening track in “Topeka Vibe” more than worthy of its status as a lead single, and while the relaxed rhythm of this piece is a nice teaser for what’s soon to come in the ensuing tracklist, it’s easily one of the sweeter features of the entire record. Sampati is an […]

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