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Joe L’Erario

Do you remember the Furniture Guys on TLC and PBS? Ed Feldman and Joe L’Erario hosted a very unique show that combined comedy and furniture making; yes you read that correctly.

The show began on public television as in 1990 here in Philadelphia. By 1994, the duo was on TLC (back when it was actually about “Learning”) five nights a week at 5:30pm. Check out this great NY Times article from 1994 on the show

What separates “Furniture to Go” from the other home shows that crowd the Saturday afternoon airwaves is the concept. While “This Old House” demonstrates how to install a cathedral ceiling and “Home Time” shows how to lay a slate floor after work, “Furniture to Go” tackles projects most people might actually have a prayer of completing.

The Furniture Guys just started up a new podcast, recording live here on Gashouse Radio every Tuesday at 6pm. Tune in, and subscribe to the show in iTunes