January 1, 1970

Gashouse Radio
Gashouse Radio
Thirsty Records on Gashouse Radio: (10/9/17) Ego Alien, Shadowplay, Donny Rockett

On this episode of the podcast, you will hear cuts from the new Ego Alien release “Progress is a Gnarly Clown”  available at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/progress-is-a-gnarly-clown/id1199604751.  Photo of Ego Alien credit Mcfadden’s Vision Photography https://www.facebook.com/Mcfaddensvision/

You will also hear cuts from Shadowplay (pictured right)  “Almost Lifelike” available on Spotify http://https://www.facebook.com/shadowplayrocknroll/

You will also hear an interview with Donny Rocket a musician, writer, booking agent and all around renaissance man in the South New Jersey music scene. He wrote an article in Out On The Town Online featuring Ted Bunch, Ego Alien, Thirsty Records and Thirsty Records on Gashouse Radio which you can view here http://www.ootonline.com/issues/3913/#22 . Ego Alien and Shadowplay are featured at Donny Rockets Time Out Concert Extravaganza on 10/12/17.