January 1, 1970

Gashouse Radio
Gashouse Radio
Thirsty Records on Gashouse Radio: (10/3/17) Shadowplay – Featured Artist from 7/27/17
This is a re-release which originally aired on 7/27/17. You will hear music and an interview with vocalist Andrew Corkery and Guitarist Dan Holden from Featured Artist, Shadowplay.
Also included: Cuts from Thirsty Records’ Lowball Jack; Oldbones’ new song “Followed With a Swarm” which was produced with help from Thirsty’s Jack Sprat; a newly song by Good Look, Sigourney from their new album “Mars Will Send no More” released August 19, 2017 and partly produced/mastered by Thirsty’s Ted Bunch; a track from recent releases by The Good Mess and Calla Bere and the Attitude.