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dr beardface

3 August 2015

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Top 10 Songs of July, 2015

Written by on 3 August 2015

Gashouse Radio is flooded with new music every single day. We try and present as much of it as we can to our audience. Our audience, in turn, lets us know what they like and do not like using the thumbs up/down buttons in the sidebar, and on our mobile app. We keep track of […]

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8 September 2014

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Dr. Beardfacé and the Spaceman

Written by on 8 September 2014

This week’s featured band is Dr. Beardfacé (pronounced “beard-fuh-say”) and the Spaceman. This is a high energy rock band out of Philadelphia and they have been quite busy these past few weeks. Since the CATastrophe EP released back in June of this year, Dr. Beardfacé have been getting a lot of attention in the Philadelphia area. […]

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