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Maxwell Jackson

2 February 2013

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You Get What We Give You (Music Podcast)

Written by on 2 February 2013

  This week on Gashouse (our weekly music podcast) we had plenty of debates to close up and new music to introduce. We had the Crunk Bear teacher and the couple who tried to incorporate 50 Shades of Gray into their sex life and ended up in court. Most importantly, we had our 6th “retired […]

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1 February 2013

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Shadowplay vs Maxwell Jackson – Gashouse Live

Written by on 1 February 2013

Amber Ladd is now the 6th artists to become a retired champion! That means Amber entered Gashouse Live’s Band vs Band 15 times straight, and won them all. So today we start fresh with 2 brand new bands, and we’ll see which one will be back to battle on Monday.   Shadowplay have been in […]

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