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Pink Floyd

3 August 2015

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Pink Floyd Goes Hip Hop, Brooke Hogan Goes Wordsworth

Written by on 3 August 2015

It was just Carly and myself for this very touching episode of Gashouse Live. Carly read from the Brooke Hogan book of poetry. The Hulk’s daughter wrote a touching piece of 4th grade rhyme in response to her father’s racist outburst. We also discussed the news that Pink Floyd almost went hip hop back in […]

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27 July 2015

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Pink Floyd Almost Released A Hip-Hop Album?!

Written by on 27 July 2015

Pink Floyd nearly released a hip-hop album in 1987 | Consequence of Sound Progressive psych-rock pioneers Pink Floyd nearly pulled an Aerosmith and went hip-hop in 1987.   Can you imagine if this really happened? Think about how damaged their legacy would be, even though Aerosmith pulled it off somewhat successfully. Or do you think […]

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16 July 2015

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New David Gilmour Album and Tour

Written by on 16 July 2015

I’m just not that excited for new David Gilmour; or new Roger Waters for that atter They are one of those situations where as a pair they are amazing but separate their music is just a little blah for my taste. That said, I would love to see him live again!

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