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Pocket In Red

2 February 2013

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The Top 10 Countdown; January

Written by on 2 February 2013

We have a show on Gashouse Radio called The Top 10 Countdown (pretty self-explanatory I know).   You can vote on every song you hear on Gashouse Radio throughout the day, using the thumbs up/down buttons next to the chat room on our player page. The voting buttons can also be found on our Android […]

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31 January 2013

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Pocket in Red

Written by on 31 January 2013

Recently on Gashouse Live we came across a band from Brussels, Belgium called Pocket In Red. If you didn’t catch that episode, do yourself a favor and sample some music from their Reverbnation page right now.   Speaking of Reverbnation, they are currently ranked #4 in all of Brussels in the Alternative genre. That’s pretty damn impressive considering the […]

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27 January 2013

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Wimming, with Dick and Brett

Written by on 27 January 2013

This week, the major topics were Manti Te’o, the birth of Dick Wimmer and Dorothy’s birthday. We discussed New Music Monday, our latest (and probably last) artist special that took place Thursday, and featured the music of   Reverend TJ McGlinchey Amber Ladd Minshara Writing Off Tomorrow Dave Crespo’s After Party Satire Saints The Great […]

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25 January 2013

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Amber Ladd vs. Pocket In Red

Written by on 25 January 2013

After another day off, it’s back to business with our Band vs Band on Gashouse Live (weekdays 5pm ET). When we last left, Amber Ladd was on a 10-day winning streak. She’s captured our listeners’ attention with her music, as well as her personality. Find her on Twitter and see for yourself. Just 5 more wins […]

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